Sound of Schmidt

When performing for a big crowd you want to focus on giving them the best show possible, and with a great sound you can focus on your show and do what you do best, PERFORME!

Do you have a song you've whant to publish? A great sounding track can enhance and better mediate you massage and connect with the litseners!

Is your gym, church or office have bad sound-system? Maybe it's time for an upgrade! We all know the frustration of a bad sound-system taking focus from your massage or buissness experiens. A system buildt to your needs and location lets you focus on what makes you succeed!

Are you producing a song that needs that authentic feel of a real drumset played by a real human? Add that spice too your music with som real drum-tracking! 


When setting up a consert, one of the most important things to make a great show is to have a happy and exited audience and a great band delivering an awesome performance! But a great show needs good sound to deliver that awesome performance to the audience, and to make them feel with the band!

Sound is an important part of any show, weither it's live, streamed, music or speech, good quality sound and clarity is key!

So send me a massage and we'll talk about your show/stream, and let's make your massage herd loud and clear!


The most important part of a good song is it's soul, how it connects with the ltsener and delivers the craftmanship and artwork. And to deliver the piece of art to a demanding audience requiers both a great song, but also a good mix that takes every piece of that artwork and combines it togeather into a masterpiece that delivers what the writer intended. 

The massage is an important part of my workflow, and music is more than just instruments playing notes. So i incurage you, send me your music and I'll mix a demo piece and show u what we can create together! 

So send me a massage, I'd love to see your vison and artwork!


It's not all about moving speakers around and having setup-time for every event, sometimes all you whant is to flip a switch and move a fader to have good quality sound for any ocassion. Does your church, office or other place need a installed sound system that covers all your needs? 

I do installations that are made to fit your location and needs, all included!

Contact me for more info!


These days software drums have become a lot better and can sometimes be close to the real thing! But when it all comes down, nothing beats a real drumkit, played by a real person!

I've played drums since about 2013 and still love it today playing in bands and also just jamming with my self. So do you need any tracking of real drums that are recorded and mixed, ready for you to use? Send me a message and show me your music and I'll give you some ideas!